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I like to drive with the windows rolled down and the music turned up.
I love food, cooking and baking.
I love Disneyland and all things Disney.
I like anything pomegranate.
I like cars and drag racing.
I love Harry Potter.
Half Greek.
Half Italian.
I've always wanted to learn about photography.
The beach is my favorite place to be.
Hoodies can make me instantly comfortable.
I need music in my life.
I believe everything happens for a reason.

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Coat with Caution: This Mascara Induces Major Lash Envy



Long and thick with a slight curl, my pal Tracy’s fringe inspires prolonged stares and perfectly frames her expressive bright-blue eyes.

After skirting around the question, I finally blurted out the obvious: “Tracy, are you wearing false lashes?” Her baby blues widened, and just when I thought a sassy rebuttal was about to be tossed my way, Tracy demurred, “No, they’re real.”

The secret behind Tracy’s ultralong lashes? Benefit Cosmetics’ they’re Real! Mascara. Long heralded as the no-fuss alternative to falsies (and slightly terrifying lash extensions), the glossy formula adds length, volume, and a natural-looking curl without weighing lashes down.

But be forewarned—you will field the inevitable question: “Are they real?”


If you’re like us, you can’t live without your mascara. But you don’t have to stick with the same formula you’ve been using since high school—check out some of our favorites.

This stuff truly is amazing! 

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    I need some in my life. Now.
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    This is the most true post in the history of Birchbox. They’re Real is a legitimate miracle worker and the best mascara...
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    This is legitimately the best mascara ever. I usually don’t wear mascara at all because it mostly just makes my lashes...
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    This stuff truly is amazing!
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